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NameIdentity Card NumberGenderBirthdayAgeAddress
侯豪霖Q144013554male1992101529赤崁南路655號, 嘉義縣六腳鄉, 901-54
那思H167274237male1972082350永新二路八段675巷383號, 桃園縣觀音鄉, 858-61
韶傑文O165326323male1994013028三村街418號49樓, 新竹市北區, 018
魚威柏X104800989male1993012629光榮路12巷183弄18號, 澎湖縣望安鄉, 776
閭丘霖美G106840587male1979121643福豐南街六段194巷5號, 宜蘭縣羅東鎮, 605
陽心O285011870female1979112642廣明路六段479巷409號83樓, 新竹市北區, 042
國軒A190301895male1971060651永樂南街884巷373弄962號62樓, 臺北市大安區, 157
亓官嘉Q182621498male1994072828中心路六段97巷635弄497號54樓, 嘉義縣民雄鄉, 309
裴柏I193267641male1985061237文澄路741巷1弄836號75樓, 嘉義市西區, 307
齊心K235855695female1979122143棒球三路一段525巷825弄155號, 苗栗縣卓蘭鎮, 345-62
葛穎X243244829female1997021325濃公路575巷754號, 澎湖縣望安鄉, 684-88
聞人婷H220797504female1997042825中新一街742巷824弄861號, 桃園縣復興鄉, 540-09
翟翰家T185528808male1976120746中陽東街532巷516弄152號, 屏東縣萬巒鄉, 113-47
戈庭豪N149689752male1982102239賴明路二段449號, 彰化縣大村鄉, 261
琴佳依G227342382female1980040242衙國三街九段226號, 宜蘭縣南澳鄉, 880
逯宇哲T175933066male1994071528建國南路954巷39號, 屏東縣春日鄉, 733
樂正安A249342979female1972060850新華路九段243巷697號9樓, 臺北市北投區, 510-05
黎軒C171119155male1989042833安樂四街532巷994弄594號, 基隆市暖暖區, 061-63
宗政婷玲G216844866female1980120142正英八街八段806巷973號82樓, 宜蘭縣頭城鎮, 582
蓬冠K186048115male1972110849草湖村仁愛路八段698巷717號73樓, 苗栗縣苑裡鎮, 977

What is TaiWan identity card number?

The National Identification Card of Taiwan is issued to ROC nationals who are 14 years or older and have household registration in the Taiwan area. It is compulsory at 14.

Every citizen has a unique ID number. A valid National Identification number consists of one letter and nine-digits. The initial letter depends on the place of one's first household registration. The first digit depends on gender; 1 for male, 2 for female. The last digit is a checksum.

Example:U193683453, B142610160

The letter usage is as follows:

Active Letters Letters no longer issued
Letter City/County
A Taipei City
B Taichung City
C Keelung City
D Tainan City
E Kaohsiung City
F New Taipei City
G Yilan County
H Taoyuan City
I Chiayi City
J Hsinchu County
K Miaoli County
Letter City/County
M Nantou County
N Changhua County
O Hsinchu City
P Yunlin County
Q Chiayi County
T Pingtung County
U Hualien County
V Taitung County
W Kinmen County
X Penghu County
Z Lienchiang County
Letter Original division Date of final issue Current division
L Taichung County Dec. 25, 2010 Taichung City
R Tainan County Dec. 25, 2010 Tainan City
S Kaohsiung County Dec. 25, 2010 Kaohsiung City
Y Yangmingshan Management Bureau 1975 Taipei City

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