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NameIdentity Card NumberGenderBirthdayAgeAddress
沈君文P198008446male1989041134瀋陽街六段222號, 雲林縣大埤鄉, 501-34
魚文豪Z182806319male1997062325崇陽街五段755巷985弄258號44樓, 連江縣東引鄉, 004
葉佳冠P276418182female1988033034草湖村仁愛路733號, 雲林縣古坑鄉, 213-45
有彥銘C129416530male1988120535寧夏東二路633巷727弄456號, 基隆市仁愛區, 613-07
伯廷華V184707530male1978102644新五街七段30巷927弄455號27樓, 臺東縣大武鄉, 419
畢宗宇O130887895male1977091545岩灣街九段935巷96弄82號44樓, 新竹市香山區, 948-35
翁豪彥Q184289667male1998031724水碓二街一段728巷393弄880號88樓, 嘉義縣朴子市, 342
鄂軒嘉Z133032318male1991091531樹仁街856號31樓, 連江縣南竿鄉, 032-95
包芬X298372761female1996041527莊敬街六段150號, 澎湖縣望安鄉, 204-99
廉怡E271788065female1997111225文學路341號61樓, 高雄市仁武區, 429
訾淑V276081145female1986062636至平路一段264巷102號30樓, 臺東縣達仁鄉, 346-05
賞宜T204952880female1979091943工業二十街713巷93弄235號75樓, 屏東縣九如鄉, 457
東郭文銘T158408948male1989040234樹仁路八段791巷434弄436號90樓, 屏東縣恆春鎮, 482
莘穎宜H192635113male1977110645中庄東路一段889巷371號27樓, 桃園縣八德市, 657-06
壤駟銘佳T168099237male1972030650精明一街二段877巷421號, 屏東縣滿州鄉, 102
庾信U133887355male1974060648明野街450號18樓, 花蓮縣秀林鄉, 922
竺廷Q194874043male1991042132勝利十五街557巷856弄584號, 嘉義縣太保市, 907
諸葛詩I140451771male1986021736永新二路326號3樓, 嘉義市西區, 799
於心E205564275female1990011432精誠三路842號86樓, 高雄市左營區, 320
貝如文O224881183female1972111250美術南一街332巷561號54樓, 新竹市東區, 527-02

What is TaiWan identity card number?

The National Identification Card of Taiwan is issued to ROC nationals who are 14 years or older and have household registration in the Taiwan area. It is compulsory at 14.

Every citizen has a unique ID number. A valid National Identification number consists of one letter and nine-digits. The initial letter depends on the place of one's first household registration. The first digit depends on gender; 1 for male, 2 for female. The last digit is a checksum.

Example:U193683453, B142610160

The letter usage is as follows:

Active Letters Letters no longer issued
Letter City/County
A Taipei City
B Taichung City
C Keelung City
D Tainan City
E Kaohsiung City
F New Taipei City
G Yilan County
H Taoyuan City
I Chiayi City
J Hsinchu County
K Miaoli County
Letter City/County
M Nantou County
N Changhua County
O Hsinchu City
P Yunlin County
Q Chiayi County
T Pingtung County
U Hualien County
V Taitung County
W Kinmen County
X Penghu County
Z Lienchiang County
Letter Original division Date of final issue Current division
L Taichung County Dec. 25, 2010 Taichung City
R Tainan County Dec. 25, 2010 Tainan City
S Kaohsiung County Dec. 25, 2010 Kaohsiung City
Y Yangmingshan Management Bureau 1975 Taipei City

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