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What is Telephone number?

A telephone number is a sequence of digits, Most telephone numbers are assigned to one mobile telephone or one telephone line, and most lines or mobiles have one number. The number assigned to a fixed-line telephone subscriber station connected to a wireless electronic telephony device or to a telephone line, to other devices for data transmission via the PSTN ( public switched telephone network).

Telephone number Example:

The supported countries are:

No. Country Code Valid examples Invalid examples
1 United States US
2 United Arab Emirates AE
3 Bulgaria BG
4 Brazil BR
5 China CN
6 Czech Republic CZ
7 Denmark DK
8 France FR
9 Germany DE
10 India IN
11 Morocco MA
12 Netherlands NL
13 Pakistan PK
14 Romania RO
15 Russia RU
16 Slovakia SK
17 Spain ES
18 Thailand TH
19 United Kingdom GB
20 Venezuela VE